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MPLAB X and XC8 C Compiler
This page was created 27th March 2014.

Microchip released the X version of MPLAB more than a year ago. In December 2012 we spent considerable time evaluating the new MPLAB X C compiler and concluded that the original PIC C compilers were better for complete beginners.

Now a little over a year later Microchip have released version 2 of MPLAB X so we have again evaluated XC8. This second time through we have found the XC8 compiler running within MPLAB X has a smoother feel. Now there is no doubt that the XC8 compiler is a signifcant improvement over the original compiler.

For beginners one of the most important advantages is that now the same (free) C compiler can be used for both 16F and 18F PICs. So, when using XC8, a straighforward C programme written for 16F PICs can be made to run in an 18F PIC simply by editing the setup sequence to accomadate the requirements of the new PIC.

In view of this we have just finished editing Experimenting with PIC C so the XC8 compiler is used throughout the book. From the end of March 2014 our P931 and P942 PIC training courses will be supplied with the 7th Editions of the main two books (with instructions for using MPLAB X and XC8).